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Jocqui Smollett

Best remembered for his portrayal of child Jarreau Jerrico, the young guy named Jocqui Smollett has grown very fast into a fine young man. The talented actor, who is known for his role in popular sitcom ‘On Our Own’ of ABC, returned to the shelf after the closure of the sitcom but gave glimpses of his talent when he made a comeback in ‘Smollett Eats.’

Career and Progression:

Jocqui was seen as a child artist of 1994 sitcom “On Our Own” of ABC, along with his own siblings. This smallest Smollett sibling portrayed the adorable role of Jarreau Jerrico. It was about the family, whose parents are dead and the children need to fetch and depend on them self.

It ran for only one season, but Jocqui left an ever-lasting impression as a child actor. He was later seen in “Smollett Eats” as himself again with his five siblings in 2016. He is one of the producers of the family TV show headlined on food by and for the Smollett Family.

Beside in showbiz, this multitalented person, Jocqui is a technologist, founder of Hosted Inc. and also doubles up as DJ.

Does Jocqui Have a Girlfriend?

Being one of the family members of Smollett’s, a top family in TV, Jocqui is surprisingly a mysterious man. The tech guy, who says that he is married to his dreams, enjoys a single life and doesn’t bother revealing stuff about his personal life.

His social media account which gives the overview of his lifestyle proves that he provides massive importance to his family and his post hint that he is a family man.

So often, he posts pictures of his newly born niece, and her sister is the stars of his Instagram page. This DJ is rarely seen with any girl who can be interpreted as his girlfriend. As of now, this tech guy is not dating and doesn’t have a girlfriend or at least in public eye.

Family of Smollett:

The 6 Smollett siblings are one of the most popular sibling’s groups in the industry. Most of them are actors while others persuaded careers in music, modelling, and chef. The oldest one, JoJo works in a non-profit firm.

Jocqui has been in technology and worked in a tech firm. Apart from their profession, the Smollett siblings have lent their voices against and for the different social causes namely on HIV/AIDS prevention, and recently Black Lives Matter Movement based on the Black Panther.

Short Bio and Wiki:

Born as the youngest child in Smollett family, Jocqui’s birthday is August 2, 1993. As per wiki sources, he was born to parents Joel and Janet Smollett. The former child artist is the citizen of American and belongs to Afro-American ethnicity. He stands at an average height of around 5 and a half feet and manages to keep athletic physique.

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